Nether Kellet Community Primary School

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17th November 19
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Staff and Governors

Our Staff

Mrs Nicki Brough

Head & Year 5/6 teacher (1 day)

Mrs Vicky Perry Deputy Head and Teacher  Year 1/ 2
Mrs Rebecca Starr Teacher  Year 5/6 (4 days)  and SEN specialist
Mrs Pearl Bowker Teacher  Year 3/4 (3 days)
Miss Rachel Metcalfe Teacher  Year 3/4 (2 days) and PPA Cover
Mrs Wendy Keates Teacher  Reception Class and SENCO
Miss Josie Molloy  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Wren  Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carol Sharpe Teaching Assistant
Mrs Claire Martin Teaching Assistant and PPA Cover
Miss Rebecca Lamb Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sophie Laycock Teaching Assistant
Mrs Ann Scott Non-Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helen Lawson School Clerk
Mr Steve Taylor Site Supervisor 
Mrs Michaela Taylor Welfare Assistant
Mrs Marlene Byram Welfare Assistant
Mrs Estelle Morgan Lunch Server



Name Role Category End of Office
Christine Stephenson Chairperson Co-opted 28/03/21
Maria Steele Joint Vice Chairperson Co-opted 03/03/19
Barbara Bellis Joint Vice Chairperson Co-opted 03/03/19
Christine Holdsworth   Co-opted 03/03/19
Jane Wren   Staff 31/12/20
Nicki Brough  Headteacher  Staff 30/08/19
Zoe Smith 
Parent 23/03/20
Peter Riley   Co-opted 03/03/19
Sarah Cook    Parent 05/11/21
Sarah Mills   Parent 07/01/22












Governor Attendance

For the meetings since September 2015.

Each term there is one meeting for Full Governors and one meeting for each committee unless extenuating circumstances mean that more meetings are required.

Governors Full Governors Standards and Effectiveness Resources, Finance and Staffing
Ms Christine Holdsworth 75% 75% 100%
Mrs Barbara Bellis  100% 100% 100%
Mrs Maria Steele 100% 50% 75%
Mr Peter Riley 100% n/a 100%
Mrs Mary Rawcliffe 100% 100% n/a
Mrs Zoe Smith 100% n/a n/a
Mrs Christine Stephenson 100% 50% 75%
Mrs Alison Halhead 50% 75% n/a
Mrs Diane Mead 25% n/a 0
Mrs Katie Walsh 100% 75% n/a
Mrs Nicki Brough 100% 100% 100%