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18th June 18
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What we have all been up to recently!

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Chestnut Class and Oak Class had a visit from vets and animals. They really enjoyed saying hello to the animals and learning about how to care for them.

The whole school enjoyed their 'Crowns, Conquests and Castles' theme day this week. Everyone worked in their colour groups doing an activity in each classroom. 

The children made some fantastic woven crowns with Mrs Steele. They worked as a team with children from different classes helping each other.

Mrs Perry taught the children how to make castle pictures with moving parts.

Mrs Bowker led each group on different parts of a quest to rescue Mr Taylor from a dragon!

Mrs Starr ran a knight school, along with shield making and jousting!

Oak and Chestnut Classes had a great day out at Carlisle Castle. They loved seeing the portcullis and the cannon in particular.

We had a great World Book Day this week and everyone's castle themed costumes were brilliant! Beech Class enjoyed sharing books with Chestnut Class and Sycamore Class had a great time reading to Oak Class.

The whole school had a fantastic time playing in the snow this week. It doesn't happen very often here so we made the most of it!

Our Judo club members did a fantastic demonstration for us in assembly this week. 

Chestnut Class and Oak Class had a very enjoyable Christmas party. They even had a visitor who gave them each a Christmas present!

The children enjoyed singing to the local people from around Nether Kellet this afternoon.

We all really enjoyed our Christmas lunch yesterday.

Well done everyone on your fab performances in the play!

The whole school had a visit from Sola, a Nigerian story teller. The following pictures and videos are clips from the story he told us where lots of animals had a dancing competition. There are some fantastic snakes and buffalo performing their dances!

As part of the Art Trail in the local area, our artwork was displayed in Juicafe in the centre of Lancaster.

The whole school enjoyed their explore of Wray Castle and Brockholes.

We all had a fantastic boogie at our summer outdoor disco!

Well done to our pupils, both past and present, who have completed the 3 peaks challenge.

Here are some pictures of the children during our sponsored sporty day. Well done everyone!

This is just a few photos from our theme day. We had a great time fire making, treasure hunting, code writing and boat sailing.

Mrs Sharpe and Mrs Wren's group enjoyed their visit to Heaves Farm.

Year 5 and 6 children played in a handball competition against local schools.  The team played extremely well and won the competition!

We received some fantastic responsibility posters for our poster competition. These will now be on display around school to remind us to be responsible.

An African storyteller came to school and worked with the whole school in assemblies and in individual classrooms.

As part of our theme, we had some visitors in school who taught us a few things about China. We all had a try at Kung Fu, even some of the staff! 

Key Stage 2 learnt about Syrian refugees.

We had a wonderful Judo assembly with some great demonstrations.

Some children from Oak Class and Chestnut Class went to Carnforth High School for their multi skills sports day. Everyone involved had a great time.

Oak class and Chestnut class had a lovely time at South Lakes Safari Zoo. We saw lots of animals, acted out the nativity and even saw Father Christmas, who gave us a present each.

The whole school enjoyed their Christmas lunch!

Wow! Look who came to visit!

Key Stage 1 had a fantastic time at their Christmas Party.

Oak Class and Chestnut Class had a great time in their forest school afternoon.

The whole school had a great earth, wind and fire theme day.

When the children visited Sycamore class they experienced 'Earth' with a treasure hunt around the garden and then using their finds to create a face.

Everybody experienced 'Wind' in Beech Class by using the big parachute and making their own parachutes to save their toys.

Chestnut classroom was all about 'Fire' with them all trying to make their own fire. They then made one fire and enjoyed toasting their own marshmallows on it.

Our Year 1-6 trip to Borwick Hall was fantastic, giving every child a chance to experience new things and challenge themselves.

Chestnut Class

Sycamore Class

Beech Class

The whole school had a great day on our school trip this week. We got the coach to Ambleside and then the boat to Wray castle where lots of us did some sketching and we all had a good play. We then got the boat to Brockholes where we explored, had a scavenger hunt, some of us had a bit of a paddle and we all played some more! 

Well done to all children who played for the Kellet Cup!

Well done to our 4 Year 5/6 children, their parents and our very own Mrs Bowker for completing the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge.

We had a very enjoyable day on Monday, with all the children moving around school in their house groups and exploring food from different continents.

In Oak class the children enjoyed playing music, tasting noodles, using the computers for research and painting lovely blossom trees.

The children spent their time in Beech classroom thinking about European foods and coming up with their own raps. Watch the videos below to see some of them!

In Chestnut classroom the children were making, decorating and eating pancakes. They also had pancake races!

In Sycamore classroom the children made lots of artwork using oil pastels and watercolour paint.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fantastic £149.10 that was raised for Children in Need. We all wore our pyjamas to school and held a wonderful talent show.

We all had a fantastic day dressing up as our favourite film characters and actors!

Look at what we have all helped to grow in our school garden this year!

Famous children's author, Wes Magee, visited our school and inspired us all with poetry. We learned some of his poems and composed our own. Each class worked with Wes to compose a class poem. The children performed their poems in an assembly at the end of the day; adding actions to bring their poem to life.

Wes wrote a letter to school to say thank you for organising his visit. He added that "Everyone was supportive and I thought the children were most attentive, responsive, enthusiastic, and hard-working. A really excellent day!"


Mad science:

We were all very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Lamb.

The end of year water fight:

Mad Science:

After lunch play today we all gathered in the playground for the official opening of our new climbing frame. All the staff, encouraged by the children, were the first to have a play on it.

We had a very exciting and unusual visitor to school this morning, his name was Rex and he had escaped from his owner. We all left our Singing Assembly to help go and find him in our school grounds.

We had a fantastic whole school trip to the Lake District. After we got off the coach we walked to Cockshott Point on the shore of Windermere where we did some sketching and explored the shore. 

Next, the boat trip to Brockhole. 

After our picnic lunch at Brockhole we did different activities in our class groups.

Also we had a play on the wonderful adventure play equipment.

The staff, some out of their comfort zone, were encouraged by the children to join in the fun. 

Race for Life

The Race for Life was a great success, every child in school ran or walked two miles with some extra keen runners managing up to six miles. Well done everyone!
Total raised so far is an amazing £805!

Sports Day...

Victor from Junk4funk worked with each class to produce a musical instrument made out of junk. Chestnut, Sycamore and Beech class made guitars and Oak class make shakers. He then showed the children how to play the instruments. At the end of the afternoon, there was an assembly to share what everyone had done. 

On Friday 20th March, we had a Space day. We dressed up in “space” costumes and worked in our colour groups for the day. 
First of all, we all went outside to watch the eclipse. It was a little bit cloudy, but every so often, the cloud thinned, giving us a really good view of the moon moving over the sun. It got dark and really, really cold!
Once we were in our colour groups, we moved around the classes learning about different aspects of light and space. 
In Oak class we learned about Voyager 1 and recreated it using junk modelling. 
In Chestnut class we found out about life on the space station and did lots of activities involving food!
In Sycamore class we investigated light and used prisms to create rainbows.
In Beech class we created our own models of aliens and sang some space themed songs.  
It was a very exciting day and the older children worked fantastically with the younger children. 

Take a look at some of the displays from around school ...

Andy Tooze


The whole school enjoyed a fun day with poet Andy Tooze.  He performed his poetry and so did we.  We all composed our own poems linked with our whole school theme of journeys.  We performed them in a celebration assembly at the end of the day!

Our new school bookmark gives advice and ideas on how you can help your child with their reading and comprehension...

Growing Well


Growing Well from Sizergh visited KS2 and we learnt all about healthy food and where different foods came from.

Book and Author Day


The children were in their colour groups for the day, each group completed all four of the different activities linked with a book and its author...

"Room on the Broom" by Julia Donaldson -
the children searched for clues about their story outside and put their favourite things in a cauldron to make a spell! They also dressed up as the monster from the story.

"Silly Billy" byAnthony Browne -
the children shared stories, learned about Anthony Browne as an author and illustrator, drew illustrations and made worry dolls.

"The Hobbit" by JRR Tolkien -
the children did a treasure hunt to find the Golden Ring!

The Gingerbread Man -
the children decorated gingerbread, made masks and bridges to help the Gingerbread Man to escape.

World Book Day


We all celebrated World Book Day by coming to school dressed as a book character, can you recognise who we are?

Longhorn cattle visit school


In our topic this term we have been learning about food and food production. One of our parents keeps Longhorn cattle and brought two of his cows to school, both of them are expecting calves in January. We were told all about the care that they need and the visits from the vet to trim their horns. We heard all about the agricultural shows the cattle go to and what the judges are looking for. These cows even have their own passports.

Mr Whitaker, another of our parents, has been into school to talk to Beech class about his farm and food production.

Cobble Hey Farm


We went on a whole school trip to Cobble Hey Farm near Preston.  While we were there we learned about organic vegetable growing and also about farming animals such as pigs, sheep, cows, goats and hens.  The KS2 children made bread with flour ground from organic wheat and live yeast.   We had a fantastic time and managed to organise a sunny day!

Carlisle Castle


On Friday 29th June, the whole school visited Carlisle castle. We had lots of fun learning about it, but our legs ached from climbing all the spiral staircases!

Robin Hood


On Wednesday 27th June we all performed in our end of term production of Robin Hood

The Olympic Torch


Lots of the children and parents braved the weather to watch the Olympic torch relay moving through Carnforth. Luckily we managed to stay dry for a little time, thanks to the British Legion, who kindly opened their doors for us. The children made lots of noise and enjoyed watching the procession. The rain did not dampen our spirits!  After the torch relay we had a visit from staff and students from Beaumont College who let us hold the Olympic torches they had carried!

Forces work


The children in Sycamore, Oak and Chestnut class have been investigating forces. They pushed and pulled to move around the playground in a variety of ways.

Beech class investigated forces using this fantastic catapult made by one of the pupils, as part of their homework challenges.

Rainforest Activity Day


We had great fun in our house groups enjoying rainforest activities:
Mrs Walsh led a role play where a tribe explored the rainforest, found a good place to settle, lit a campfire and cooked coconut rice after grating fresh coconut found on nearby trees!
Mrs Bowker encouraged the children to make music, song and dance as well as masks and posters persuading people to save the rainforests.  They marched around school with their message!
Mrs Keates helped the children to make tropical fruit salad and rainsticks.
Meanwhile Mrs Webster and members of the school council organised the mile run for Sports Relief which the children completed in house groups.  Every child completed one mile with many of the older children running more than a mile or even two miles!  We raised money for Sports Relief as all the children brought in spare change from home.