Nether Kellet Community Primary School

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22nd February 20
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Nether Kellet Primary School is a small and vibrant rural school where we place equal emphasis on our children being happy and on them achieving the best they possibly can across all areas of the curriculum.

We have high quality teaching and support staff who work with our relatively small (and sometimes very small) classes to offer children individualised teaching based on their needs.

Our Mission Statement is:

“Be inspired….. achieve your potential”

We are:

  • Learning creatively indoors and out.
  • Enjoying challenging experience.

In a:

  • Supportive family environment.

 We are a cohesive school with an emphasis on respect and manners and where all the children know their rights and responsibilities:                

Nether Kellet CP School

Rights and Responsibilities

    ·   I have the right to be heard.

    ·   I have the responsibility to listen to others.

    ·   I have the right to be safe and healthy.

    ·   I have the responsibility to keep myself and others safe and healthy.

   ·   I have the right to learn.

    ·   I have the responsibility to do my best at all times and look after equipment.

    ·   I have the right to have friends.

    ·   I have the responsibility to be kind to others.

    ·   I have the right to be myself.

    ·   I have the responsibility to respect others’ differences.

 We place a high value on standards of teaching and learning in core skills such as English and maths.  We attain very good results at the end of Y6 and each year children’s average progress compared with the previous year is also good.  We pride ourselves on challenging our most able pupils and nurturing children who find learning more difficult so that they reach their full potential.

We teach many of our subjects through a whole school themed curriculum.  This approach has had a positive impact on children’s motivation, their independence and inquiry skills and their writing linked with our themes.  We work closely as a school so the children often have opportunities to work with children in different classes.  We showcase some of our learning through class assemblies and open afternoons.

Our school is set in large grounds which give our children lots of space for play, for developing their understanding of gardening and the environment and engaging in Forest School activities as an accredited Forest School.  We have a beautiful garden, pond, large field and adventure playground.  At lunchtimes children have a wide range of play equipment to use as well as organised games so they really enjoy their lunchtime play and behaviour is very good.

We have excellent links with our local community and welcome many volunteers into school who provide invaluable help with reading, maths, spelling, gardening and cooking as well as sharing their knowledge and skills linked with our themes.

Please feel free to come and have a look around our school and grounds at any time.

Best wishes,

Nicki Brough