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24th November 17
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Sycamore Class
Year 3/4

    Mrs Bowker
    Miss Metcalfe   

      Miss Lamb
      Miss Wakeman




What a fantastic day of climbing, canoeing and low rope balancing at Borwick Hall.

Sycamore Class learnt alot while at Heaves Farm. We enjoyed holding the chicks and seeing the sheep dog working.

Here are some of our displays over the last year.

We have been looking at branching diagrams in our science lessons and learning about living things.

Sycamore Class had another very enjoyable outing when they went to Woodmatters to learn about how people lived in the Stone Age. We made our own stone axes, learnt about how to track animals and created paintings using natural pigments.

Sycamore Class had a fantastic day at Back Lane Quarry and Warton Crag looking at stones above and below the ground.

Sycamore Class really enjoyed their class visit to Liverpool Docks.

Sycamore Class have been designing their own ships in DT. Next we will be able to make them!

Earlier this term Sycamore Class had a Masterchef competition. Everyone took part in deciding on and making a dish full of energy for a sports person. Miss Lamb and Mrs Sharpe helped each group to create their meals and Mrs Brough and Mrs Wren made fantastic judges.

Sycamore Class have also been looking at the digestive system. They created their own using bags, tubes, banana and Weetabix.

Last term, Sycamore Class wrote their own Jabberwocky poems by changing the words from the original to make it make more sense!

Sycamore Class had a fantastic time this week at Regent Park Studios. We looked at how to perform film stunts, crawled through a maze and had a great time trampolining.

We have recently had a new door put into our classroom. We were all so excited about this that on Wednesday we had a naming ceremony for our door to declare it open. We even had our very own class Queen deliver the speech! 

"I name this door:
'Sycamore Classroom Door'.
God bless this door and all who pass through it."

These are some of the poems that we wrote to celebrate our door:

When I saw,
Sycamore Classroom Door,
I cheered and I danced,
Then I cheered once more!

Drummers played drums,
And the cutter did cut,
The ruby red ribbon,
On the door that was shut.

The door was opened,
And we all went through,
The lovely brown door,
The door which was new.

When I saw,
Sycamore Classroom Door,
I cheered and I danced,
Then I cheered once more!
by Daisy

Mrs Bowker was on her laptop.
A man knocked at the door.
The door was at the door!
It was Sycamore Classroom's
New door!
by Freya

I walked in on Monday!
What did I see?
A great big door,
Standing in front of me.
Yay, finally!
by Karla


The door has a ribbon on it!
A hanging glass of wine!
Everyone cheers
"Hurray! Hurray!" people shouted.
Queen Daisy was saying a speech
As the wind howled and the rain poured.
by Conor


Yes we can celebrate!
Cut the ribbon
And bang the bottle.
More celebrating, less cutting!
Of course, go through,
Rush through it everyone.
Everyone cheer!
by Willow



Sycamore Class had a fantastic afternoon with Mr Towers finding out about how Alice in Wonderland was filmed. They then had a go at filming their own Alice scenes in front of a green screen.

Pocket Full of Poems Assembly

Sycamore Class gave parents, grandparents, friends and the rest of school a fantastic poem performance. They all learnt their words well and performed their poems fantastically! Well done Sycamore Class!

Our poet visitor, Wes Magee, came into Sycamore Class and we wrote a poem together about going into Sycamore Class at midnight!


In Sycamore Class at Midnight

The darkness surrounds you like a cloak,
spiders craft webs in warm corners,
silence... except for flies buzzing, and door creaking,
book collapsing to the torquoise carpet,
eyes of the kangaroo stare mysteriously,
footsteps stomp, clock ticks and tocks,
spelling lists lies forgotten on our tables,
plants sway when a cold draught blows,
words appear on the smart board,
as the spirit of an ancient teacher,



We had a wonderful trip to Heaves Farm, look at all the things we saw and learned about...

Following our trip to Heaves Farm, Sycamore Class were inspired to write some animal adventure stories!

The Cow Takeover
It’s a nice sunny morning outside and us cows are waking up in the barn. There’s a faint smell of poo but we cows live here, we’re used to it. I have to wake up the earliest because I’m the boss cow. Everyone follows me everywhere, it’s great! 

Now we’re let into the field. I’m first in line because I’m the leader, as I’ve already said. I bend down and open my jaw then take a munch of fresh, green, sparkling grass and a few more until the farmer comes and opens the gates to the milking parlour. I’m first again and everyone follows me. To the farmers, I’m top cow!
My favourite time is milking time. I tread down to the bottom station. I then wait until my cow cakes come shooting down the pipe and into my bowl. The farmer comes to me first as usual. Then I feel the sucking pipes on my udders. I’ve got the most milk but now it’s all gone, I hope it’s good enough. We repeat this twice a day.
It’s night time now so we have to go back into the barn. I go to my station in the barn. It’s the first one and everyone is jealous about it. By 8 o’clock we’re all sound asleep. 
I wake up early ready to be top cow. But, wait! Where’s everybody gone? I march outside to see what’s going on. I get a shock. Some cow has taken my place! When the farmer comes ready for milking time, I try to edge my way to the front but I get pushed to the back. At least I still get some cow cakes in a station. But wait a minute! These aren’t cow cakes, these are cow pellets!
It’s the next morning. I’m very tired. I’ve been up all night trying to come up with a plan to be the top cow again but I have failed.
The thing is, if we are naughty and escape out of the field we get sold to another farm. I suddenly noticed (when we were let into the field) that the gate of the field was open! I stood there waiting, hoping that the new boss cow would go the wrong way.
Yes, it has! And the other cows are going the right way! When it was my turn I butted the gate shut. Yes, the boss cow’s gone! I’ll be in charge again!
Holly Y3 
My Scary Day
One day there was a little egg with a chick inside. The egg was soft and smooth and the chick was really struggling to get out. 
“Peck, peck, peck, peck, peck, peck! Somebody get me out of here!” shouted the chick. It pecked and pecked until, POP! The egg shell cracked.
 “Phew!” said the chick, “I’m out”.
The chick saw some crows spying on him but he was too young to know that crows eat chicks. The big-beaked, monstrous clawed crows were very hungry and were beginning to starve. The two crows names were Crow 1 and Crow 2. Crow 1 said,
 “I want to eat that chick that has hatched over there, he looks tasty.” 
Crow 2 said, “Good idea, let’s do it at night time.”  So as the sun drifted down the crows began. 
“Oh no!” said the chick. “I’d better run!” And that minute he found a tiny little hole that the crows couldn’t fit through. The crows were about to catch him but he squeezed through the tiny hole. The crows were going so fast they crashed and bumped heads and the chick giggled!
The chick said “We will be safe here”. Where the chick was sleeping was in a tiny hole. The crows squeezed through but luckily baby chick’s mum was guarding him and mummy chick went to the chick gym every day and had mega muscles.
The crows were so hungry they were about to starve. There was a big bowl of seeds for the chick to peck on but the crows were guarding it. So what the chick did is, he got a big bunch of red berries which was the crow’s favourite food. Crow 1 said “Oh look, there is a bunch of red berries!” so the crows flew over. The red berries were right on the edge of a cliff so whilst the crows flew over the chick gave them a big push and the crows fell off.
Jake Y3
The Saviour Chick
One sunny morning there was a cute baby chick called Lily and a big mother chicken called Sara. Sara said to Lily that one day she would be sent to the brutal supermarket and that Heaves Farm would send her there.
After Sara the chicken warned her, Lily announced,
“I won’t be sent to the prison you call a supermarket! You can’t make me!” 
Sarah understood how she felt so she mentioned,
 “So let’s make a fool proof escape plan shall we?”
So the next morning they made a plan and Lily the chick whispered “OK, so my plan is to peck the hands that pick me up and run to the back of the wooden barn. Then you sit on an egg and when they lift you up for it then you will run to me and we’ll run to the end of the barn.”
The next morning they started to escape. All of a sudden,
 “RING, RING, RING!” the bells rang and the children came and picked up Lily. Then she carried on with the plan. She pecked and pecked until eventually
“BOOOYING!” Lily jumped off and ran out of the door and hid behind the dark, dusty barn. And then the farmer found the egg under Sara and picked her up and “WHIZZ!” she ran and ran behind the barn.
After the crazy plan they had made was over, they went through the gate and found a new home. They saved all the other chicks and when they were hungry they got corn growing in the back of their new home.
Lizzie Y4

The Amazing Dog
Monty woke up early. In fact, it was dawn. He happened to be a collie dog who lived on Heaves Farm. It was brilliant, lots of fights and plenty of food. He was in an extremely good mood until he saw the calendar It said, “9th July – Dog Competition”. 
“Oh no!” thought Monty in panic. He was learning to herd the farm’s sheep but it wasn’t going very well. (That’s an understatement, it was going abysmally.) For a start, he couldn’t tell his left from his right
Right that second he heard the clattering of the shiny, blue tractor pulling up. Even though it was new it sounded very poorly. Dave – his trainer – came in. 
“Come on, we haven’t got all day!” exclaimed Dave and he whisked up Monty and off they went.
When they arrived they were a bit late and there were lots of other breeds of dogs - collies, spaniels, Alsatians and one random terrier – all looking extremely confident.
While Monty was waiting, anxiously, he fell into an uneasy sleep! Suddenly there was a loud whistle! 
“MONTY!” cried the adjudicator farmer. “Your turn! Come on, you can do it – you can beat the other dogs!”
Monty suddenly felt brave and his ancestral memory seemed to have kicked in. He knew how to do this! It was easy with these big stupid sheep. Two minutes later, which seemed like seconds, the snow white sheep were in the pen. Monty was proud, oh so proud for his farmer and he had his own shimmering medal. 
It was brilliant! His very own medal he had WON!
William Y4

The cow who did the splits
Once upon a time there was a cow called Elizabeth. She was a brown and orange cow. She lived on a very posh farm with lots of sheep called Heaves Farm! That morning she woke up and remembered she was having a calf. She was in pain in her bottom. So she went to the green grass so she could store lots of milk. Later on she had a calf called George. He was beautiful with an orange, white and brown coat. He was mooing loudly because he was hungry. 
Suddenly she did the splits because there was too much poo on the floor from the other cows and her legs were wobbly. The farmer was worried so he took her to the vets. They said,
“You’ve done the splits”. 
So he carefully attached her legs together with chains so that, he said kindly,
 “You will not do the splits again” and she went off to feed George. 
Jack Y3

I woke up and skipped to the barrel of food in the corner then, suddenly I remembered that it was Market Day! The day that I had been dreading! Suddenly I didn’t feel so hungry.
Chapter 1     GETTING FIT
Warm straw lay on the ground where my Mum’s and Dad’s soft, sheared bodies were sleeping. My hooves were shaking but then I had a marvellous idea! There were five minutes until the inspection and it took two minutes to get to the gym. That meant I had three minutes to get to the gym and back.
So I set off, my hooves clinking every time they touched the gravel. Past the vicious pigs, past the clucking hens, past the smelly cows, two minutes left, I ran down past three houses and finally I was at the gym!
The automatic doors swung open and I trotted in. By my hooves there was a big moving machine so I jumped on and flew right off! Then I came to a big silver pole that I could just reach, I took a mighty jump and caught the pole. I bobbed up and down until my tummy was VERY thin! I stopped bobbing and my eyes drifted to the glass clock on the wall above the door and there was one minute left! It took two minutes to get back!
Quickly I ran out of the gym, past the three houses, into Heaves Farm, past the smelly cows, past the clucking hens, past the vicious pigs and past my stable into the crowd of jostling lambs.
Chapter 2           LAMB CHOPS OR FIELD
A tall, scruffy farmer put a blue ribbon around my neck that had a yellow and black six on it. I was dragged into the line by the tall, scruffy farmer. I had a horrible churning feeling in my tummy. There were four lambs until my turn, then three, then two, now one. This was it! My shaky hooves carried me on to the scales…
It weighed 1kg! I was so relieved to go back to my mum and dad I danced with joy. 
By Yasmin Y3

The Scariest Day of My Life
I woke up this morning on a sunny day feeling happy whilst snuggling next to my mummy then I remembered! I could be lamb chops by dinner time! Suddenly I heard Ben barking loudly. Ben snuck up with his tongue hanging out close to me. 
“Oh no, he’s chasing me!” 
Then all of us sheep got herded up into a tractor. On the way there I ran around shouting’
“Mummy, Mummy!”
I didn’t find her, not even at the end. I panicked. We were in the queue. I was at the end of it. 
“Oh no, now’s the decider!  Am I lamb chops?”
Each step I got closer I shivered more and more. I finally got on the scales. 
“Am I lamb chops or am I free in the fields...?”
“I’m free in the field! Wait a second, my mum’s in the lamb chop section!”
Then the farmer came and took everyone in the lamb chops section to some place I didn’t know. Us lambs all got taken back to the fields. 
I don’t know what will happen next year...?
Karla Y3

Following our exciting visit to school by Robert Bullock, a children's author, we were inspired to write radio plays about adventures in the rainforest. We rehearsed them then went to the recording studio, click on the links below to listen to our work.

We have been enjoying learning how to play rounders...

Living as a Celt


Ribchester Roman Fort and Museum


Space Theme Day and Shadows


The Last Day in Pompeii

Y3 and 4 children have been learning about the Romans linked to their work on Vesuvius and Pompeii. They wrote a sentence each to set the scene on the last day before Pompeii was destroyed by the eruption. 
Olive groves grew in neat rows following the river down the slopes of the great mountain towards the glowing red tiles and tall white pillars of the forum.  A narrow white road rested in the middle of the town of Pompeii and a jostling, shoving crowd filled the uneven stone streets. A tall man called out, “Ripe, juicy lemons for sale!”  The large yellow lemons hung from the wooden market stalls whilst the chickens in their pens clucked around hurriedly hoping not to be chosen.  Baskets of peacock eggs were piled high and a sweet orange honey cake on the window sill was waiting to be bought.
The crowded market place was full of clay pots balanced on the uneven road with slaves pulling huge wooden carts full of wares.  They hung rabbits, peacocks, chickens and onions from the stalls and cut the cheeses with a big sharp knife.  There were lots of people wearing dark tunics and brown sandals made from leather straps.  A small boy fell over in a heap on the sharp stones and looked up at his mother in pain whilst his father tasted samples of a rich, creamy cheese. A cobbled path led from the market where the smells from the bakery were tantalising. Close by silvery, grey sardines from the shimmering sea were lying in an oval, blue pot on the warm, stone stall.
Brave, much-admired gladiators roamed around the stony roads wearing their heavy armour, reading signs from their heart throbs scratched on the stone pillars.
Inside a wealthy man’s villa, marble tables stood on colourful mosaic floors; paintings decorated the walls and food was laid out on the table: zesty yellow lemons, honey cakes, stuffed dates, pears, grapes, cheese and wine.
Meanwhile, in a dark room in the street opposite, three slaves did the washing stamping on the clothes whilst warm urine, bought from the streets outside, was poured into the fullerene.
Suddenly and without warning………

Ian Tully visited us to tell us all about the Romans


The Water Cycle


Janet from United Utilities visited our class to tell us all about the water cycle. We also learnt how water is collected and cleaned for our use and then what happens to our waste water.

Back Lane Quarry


Our Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 children have all recently visited Back Lane Quarry on an exciting visit to find out all about limestone linked with our work on the Planet Earth. They wrote explanations about how the quarry works.

Then just before returning to school we were able to watch a blast, 40,000 tons of rock were blown off the rock face. We managed to get some photos...

An Explanation for What Happens at The Quarry
The Blast:
First there has to be a blast so the area must be clear for safety reasons. Then they count down from ten before 45,000 tons of rock explode! Excavators come in and start loading the dumper trucks. But what happens after that? Read on to find out!
The Crushers!
Next the dumper truck takes the rock to the primary crusher where it must be crushed into smaller pieces to be sold. They load the rock into the crusher from the huge tipper truck. Inside there are magnets which are metal detectors because if a tooth of the excavator gets in the machine it will be ruined.
After that a conveyor belt takes the smaller rock to the secondary crusher where it is crushed even smaller and sieved to sort it into different sizes.
Then a truck parks under a filter so that the correct crushed rock goes through and the rock that is too large is crushed again.
What Happens next?
Last of all it is taken to be sold. It is used for concrete, bridges, and roads. The trucks are weighed and drive out of the quarry to deliver to the buyer and the process starts again!
By Connie Y4

The Leprosy Mission


Sycamore Class fundraising, click here for details.

Lancaster Castle and Museum Visit


We began our day at Carnforth, we met at the railway station and after a look around the museum we travelled to Lancaster by train.

We had a short walk from the railway station to Lancaster Castle...

After a tour of the castle we made our way to Lancaster Museum where we were met by Mrs Riley, who told us all about the evacuees during the war and what happened during an air raid.

Horus Birds of Prey


Paul from Horus Birds of Prey visited us in school with four of his owls, we learnt lots of interesting facts about owls and all enjoyed the opportunity to hold the smallest one called Flint.

Harvest Celebration

We have been learning about plants.
They are amazing!
We harvested some different plants from our school garden.
We looked at plants from other countries too.
We thought about different parts of a plant and realised that we eat: 
We described some of them.
Green, spotty, cylindrical courgette
Lurking behind the hairy leaf.
Long, smooth stalk with hairy roots ready to be dug up.
Juicy, round, smooth sphere,
Reddening slowly.
Sweet, yellow melon with your rough skin waiting to be peeled.
Tough, brown, hairy coconut shell
dangling impatiently ready to fall off.
Juicy, bumpy, red pepper
Shiny freshly in its polythene pack.
Massive, juicy blackberries
Dangling patiently waiting for a feast!
Juicy blackberries red, purple, blue and black
waiting on the thorny bush to be picked by a worthy hand!
Crunchy, juicy, freckled apple
Hanging on the tree just waiting for me
Delicious, orange nasturtiums
Dazzling my eyes in the black, rubber tyre.
Long, orange carrot fattening quietly in the dark underground
Orangy-pink sweet potato
Unusual, curving skin that hides a peachy inside.
Orange, hard and sometimes green
Just waiting there for Hallowe’en
Squashy, hairy kiwi fruit
Dazzling green and juicy just inside!
Creamy, green avocado hiding in your rough, dimpled skin.
Bright-green, spiral cauliflower
Sitting comfortably inside stripy leaves.
Round, sunset-pink pomegranate
filled with juicy crunchy seeds.
Green, crunchy courgette
Lying on top of the warm, damp soil
Red, rough, curly leaf
Growing quickly ready to be snapped.
Squeezy, juicy oranges
Ripening in the hot sun.
Huge, orange, wrinkly pumpkin 
Waiting on the ground for a scary face.


Church Visit


Our Victorian Museum


Artist Phil Hobbs


Sycamore class and The Art Club enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of watercolour tuition from professional artist, Mr Phil Hobbs. They enjoyed looking at his amazing paintings and applying the techniques taught to their own work. It really was a 'WOW' afternoon!


Colne Valley Museum


We enjoyed writing our fables whilst listening to Brahms Violin Concerto and using our Big Write pencils...


Maths - fractions with pizzas


Maps of Africa made with natural materials during a Forest School activity


Classroom displays

In our Journeys theme we learned all about the swallow’s journey to Africa through reading “Dear Olly”.  We learned all about Africa in detail: the countries, landscapes and flags.  
We studied African art and painted pictures based on landscapes in Kenya and Tanzania and we have made African masks after studying lots of original masks.

Our African Sunsets


Farm visit


Science - Plants




Our Art



Spring flowers

Fruit pastels and watercolours

Egyptian god masks

Ancient Egyptian clay cartouches

Brusho abstracts inspired by flowers

Ancient Egypt Assembly


Light and Shadows


Ancient Egypt day with Mr Tully...


Mr Tully transported the year 3 and 4 children to Ancient Egypt where they mummified a king and dressed up.  They thoroughly enjoyed the visit and learned an enormous amount!

We made paperchains to decorate our classroom.


Making Christmas Pudding


Our Class Assembly


Our pictures in the style of Arcimboldo


We enjoyed making fruit smoothies...


Sycamore Class had fun in their capacity lesson.


The Ruskin Library


Sycamore Class visited The Ruskin Library at Lancaster University on 27th February. John Ruskin was an artist and a writer who lived in the Victorian era.
We learned how to make books and draw carefully just like John Ruskin.

Our Spring Term Rainforest Photograghs